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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Vulgaris

At last! I finally completed my work on a new project (Thanks to wool-bulb!)

Meet Pumpkin! The First, New-Born and still Nameless (shame to me :)))

Сomposition: gourd (from wool-bulb: Child's dream museum), glass eyes form wool-bulb,
wool (tweed Harris), packing: wool sliver and cast-iron for stability, akril, varnish, colour buttons

Crocowolf and Co

My illness makes me sit at home for days and it makes me bloodthirsty...
The wolf pendant and his forest-friends. yet bodiless.

From Child's Dream Museum

The pendants and brooches that I bought this spring in  Child's Dream Museum I finished them this summer but forgot to take pictures. Finally I made it and proud to present: